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PLC Procedures Sample


This sample requires DataWorx PLC Professional and optionally, Access to view the stored data from DataWorx.  Sample ladder logic included supports the DL 05, DL 06, DL 205, and DL 405 PLCs.


Note that the samples are saved in ZIP format. You may need to download additional software in order to open ZIP files. A free ZIP file application can be downloaded at


Instructions for this sample are below.


Download Sample


Extract the files from the sample ZIP file to a directory of your choice


  1. Run DirectSoft and open the ladder logic for your PLC located at <extracted dir>\Ladder Logic
  2. Update the PLC with the ladder logic
  3. Run the DataWorx PLC Professional Monitor, click connect and go to menu Tools -> Restore Configuration
  4. A dialog will appear asking for a .dwx file
  5. Select the localhost.dwx file from the <extracted dir>\Configuration directory
  6. The Monitor should now list a PLC titled "ThePLC-"
  7. Enter the configuration for ThePLC
  8. Change the IP Address field to the PLC IP Address
  9. Change the File Name: field to the location of the
  10. <extracted dir>\Database\PLC Data.mdb file
  11. If necessary click the "PLC Memory..." button and run Autoconfigure to ensure the WX is configured
  12. Click OK
  13. In DirectSoft go online with the PLC and ensure that it is in RUN mode
  14. To activate either PLC procedure toggle the contact in the SendData.dta DataView


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