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DataNet ENTERPRISE Applications

DataNet ENTERPRISE Applications

DataNet Enterprise works with multiple databases to empower a facility to collect, organize and share real-time and historical data throughout its enterprise. Now employees from the plant floor all the way to management on the top floor can access pertinent information to make decisions fast. Whether you work in production, scheduling, purchasing, sales, quality control, maintenance, accounting, shipping, engineering, or top corporate management, data from day-to-day operations can be collected and provided to key personnel based on security clearances that you determine. Easy-to-read reports can be easily configured, generated and posted on your company's intranet or web page. Thus, analysis can be quickly accomplished to make decisions that lead to an efficient and profitable facility.


DataNet Enterprise provides the tools to create the building blocks to combine all business elements into a single, coherent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Metrics that you decide are critical may be posted to a web-based dashboard or scorecard to assist in evaluating processes and procedures to reduce down-times, determine staffing needs, monitor inventories, and much more.  For specific example of applications please click and explore the following links, but keep in mind that the possibilities are limited only by your imagination:


Managing Core Information


Real-Time Applications


Historical Data Applications



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