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FAQ 1: I installed DataNet OPC. Why is it asking me for the OPC Server?

DataNet OPC requires an OPC Server in order to display data from the plant. This is because DataNet OPC does not perform the actual connections and reading of data. DataNet OPC displays and stores the data - the OPC Server is responsible for reading the data from the plant.


If you are using Think & Do you will not need to purchase additional software because a built-in OPC Server should be provided. Otherwise, you will need to obtain a third-party OPC server, such as KEPWare.


FAQ 2: I have an OPC Server on a different computer, can I use that OPC Server to run DataNet OPC?

The current version of DataNet OPC will only display data from the computer that it is installed on.  Future releases of DataNet OPC may incorporate a feature which will allow you to display data from other computers.


FAQ 3: How do I format columns to be either right or left aligned?

Click the Configure button on the main page.  Once in the Configuration page, click Edit Columns, and you will see a listing of currently configured columns.  Check the Formatting option, then select the desired Alignment option.  When finished, click Save to activate the formatting.


FAQ 4: How can I backup the configuration so that it will not be lost in the event of a computer crash?

After configuring, start Windows Explorer and go to the install directory of DataNet OPC (by default this location is c:\Program Files\DataNet OPC). Go to the DataNet OPC folder.  There you should see a Config.xml file.  Save a copy of this Config.xml file to your backup facility, such as a floppy drive, network drive, CD, or etc.


Once this file is saved on a backup facility, the configuration can be easily recovered in the event of a system failure. Simply re-install DataNet OPC on the server, and replace the default Config.xml file in the install directory with your backed-up version.


FAQ 5: How do I have DataNet OPC change the font color whenever a value is within a certain range?

In the main page click Configure. Once in the Configuration page, click Edit Row for the desired row.  Next, go to the desired column and you should see a field labeled "Dynamic Colors."  Select the condition (>,<,=), enter the value (which can be any valid numerical value), and select the color.  You can enter up to four conditions.  Once you are finished entering the desired conditions, click Save.


FAQ 6: How do I register my copy of DataNet OPC?

On the server computer, go to Start button -> Programs -> DataNet OPC -> DataNet OPC Server.  In the Server menu, go to Help -> Registration.  You will then see a window with a Key field.  Copy the Key field and go to In the Web form that appears, enter the serial number from the DataNet OPC software case.  Then, paste the key that you copied from the Server Registration screen into the Key field in the Web form.  Click Register. If all information has been entered correctly, a new, unique key code will be created for you.


Copy the new key and paste it into the DataNet OPC Server's original Registration Window Key field.  You must also enter the serial number from the software case. Click OK. If the data has been entered correctly, a window will appear to notify you of your registration success.


FAQ 7: How do I register my DataNet OPC Upgrades?

Go to:, and follow the instructions outlined.


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