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BizWareDirect Releases DataNet OPC™ Professional Software

Software that connects management to plant operations over the Internet


For Immediate Release

CUMMING, Ga. – March 17, 2005 – BizWareDirect announced the release of its latest software package, DataNet OPC™ Professional, at the National Industrial Automation Show and Conference, during National Manufacturing Week 2005 in Chicago . DataNet OPC Professional is a Web-based data presentation and logging application that makes industrial information conveniently accessible to those who need it to make executive decisions.


“DataNet OPC Professional serves as the interface between plant managers or company executives and their operational systems,” says William Glover , product development manager for BizWareDirect. “Managers at all levels are able to get as much process information as they need, quickly and easily. This helps them to make more informed and sound decisions.”


DataNet OPC Professional uses OPC technology to display and archive real-time data from industrial devices on a Web page. Data is then available for viewing and printing reports from any computer, anywhere the Internet or company intranet is accessible. Linear trend charts can be created for any logged file, making large amounts of industrial data more manageable. Multiple display pages keep data tables organized and allow users to find what they need, without sifting through irrelevant information.


DataNet OPC Professional keeps plant managers and supervising employees connected to plant operations by sending e-mail alerts when an alarm has been activated. It empowers corporate or upper-level management to use valuable plant statistics in analysis and planning initiatives, by delivering them with the click of a button in the form of concise, understandable graphs. DataNet OPC add-ons even allow the creation of circular trend charts, turbidity reports and other management tools.


“Although technology has evolved from pen charts, many of the utilities directors and managers I work with still prefer to see the data in the traditional format – in a circular chart,” says Jon White, maintenance superintendent of water and wastewater for the City of Rock Hill, S.C. “It’s been great to be able to electronically organize and process our records, yet still turn out the documents that everyone is used to seeing. We can pull these charts up in an electronic format and cart them around without having to worry about losing or damaging our only copy.”


White says DataNet OPC Professional has helped operations at his facility by preserving the integrity of their records, keeping logs more organized, and better preparing them for state reporting. He says it has made him a more proactive manager by enabling him to review and analyze important records more efficiently, and by improving his relations with city managers and officials.


“In the past, I have waited hours to get a requested report,” White says. “Someone would have to go over and search through a mess of charts, all stacked on spindles. There was just no way to file anything. Now, I can go to the exact date and timeframe I need and pull the logs and charts up right from my desk. I can even show our city engineer and city manager how to get date and time-stamped charts from their offices on the other side of the city.”


DataNet OPC Professional is compatible with any industrial device that has an OPC 1.0 or OPC 2.0 compliant server. DataNet OPC Professional is offered in several packages, with enhanced data display and logging for 30, 90, 180 or an unlimited number of Web Values. Prices start at $795. Circular trend chart and turbidity report add-ons are now available. Look for more add-ons to be available in the future, as new-product development continues.


About BizWareDirect


BizWareDirect is a software-development firm that specializes in industrial data management. BizWareDirect offers affordable, easy-to-use software solutions that increase efficiency by making data more useful and more accessible to those who need it. For more information on BizWareDirect, or its complete collection of software products, please visit, or call (770) 886-5878.


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